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I’ve been doing some business reminiscing. This is now the official 3rd location for Bliss Folio. I have pockets of clients all across the country. It is fun to think back how business ran when I first began, back in 2005. In those days, I was more of home-studio, meeting with clients on an individual basis, which I loved. It was easy to get a sense of the bride and groom’s styles and point them in the right direction. Many times, simply handing them their invitation. I love figuring out people’s styles and making their selection process easy.


The marketplace has changed dramatically in the past 7 years. I immediately built a website when I started my business, but it didn’t have any bells or whistles. I used it merely to show images of products for long-distance clients. But, I built it with legs – I kept it simple and maintained a visual platform that would work for extending to online sales eventually. Online shopping at the time was not what is now. But, I was the only Erie, Pennsylvania (where Bliss Folio was born) wedding invitation/stationery store with a web presence. Since I had such a Erie web monopoly for so long, I am still the number 1 result on a search. It really does blow my mind how many calls I get from Erie. It makes me smile to work with these customers as it is such a great reminder of where life was when Bliss Folio began. And, while the process is a bit different, I still strive to make the invitation process easy and exceed my clients’ expectations.


Can you tell I’ve been working with a few Erie brides lately?

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