Letterpress made accessible

Oh my goodness, do I love letterpress! And, when I discovered Haute Papier at the National Stationery Show this year, I just couldn’t resist adding this new letterpress line to my store. Haute Papier brings stylish and clean designs to the classic Crane Lettra cotton paper at a very accessible price. Make that, irresistible price. *Side tangent. I love beautiful things. And, I love a good deal. This is a good deal.*


So, here is the skinny. For a traditional set of stationery (one design, sets of 50), you can do a single color letterpress for $100, a two-color letterpress for $150, or flat printing (up to 2-colors) for just $50. Amazing. Right?


But, that is not it. They have the most exquisite silk stationery box sets that make the perfect gift. The large box holds 100 notes – and you can print up to 4 different designs for $180. That is $1.80 per card! (And, if you’re familiar with letterpress, you know that is screaming deal.) Talk about smart shopping. Perfect for a wedding gift, a housewarming gift, or for your parents (they are always so hard to shop for!).


You know what else I love? It allows you to be eclectic in your selection. I just ordered a box for myself and I ordered 2 of the sets for me, one with the family name, and one for the hubs and me. They have a great selection of fun monograms as well as more traditional types too. So, I was able to do one more whimsical, one more elegant, one more masculine, and one uber-simple.


And, because I love my customers … all Haute Papier orders receive FREE SHIPPING. Yep. I love you.



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