Valentine’s Day Exchange Cards

There are so many crafty, fun Valentine’s Day exchange card ideas out there. Taking over my Pinterest feed, in fact. Buuuuuut. There are a few caveats.


Maybe you’re not a crafter. Maybe you want something polished. Maybe you’re simply too busy to pull it off. I have 3 kids under the age of 6, and I know that between work and juggling everyday life, I just don’t have the time/sanity to do it. (Especially because I know I would be the one actually doing the craft.) So, I’m planning on letting Boatman Geller and Mindy Windy do the pretty for me, and ease a bit of the responsibility of coming up with something adorable.


Boatman Geller has some really adorable (great for little kids) exchange cards, and Mindy Windy has fun photo cards that we can size down for exchange cards (designs that range appropriate from babies to teens!). And, who says you can’t add a little homemade packet of something to go along with it? Or have a fun, personalized photo shoot to use in a photo version? *I’m planning on doing some heart shaped playdough for my preschooler! and a cool, “Mrs. Rodriguez’s class rocks!” photo for my kindergartener. And, that makes me feel smart & crafty.*




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