Holiday Essentials: Making Gift Giving Easier

Along with shopping for gifts, we also need to be prepared for wrapping gifts! That step sends a lot of us scrambling. Here are a couple of my favorite products that help my wrapping life a little easier and make me feel a little more pulled together.


Custom stamps. They’re not just for return addresses!

I love to create things on my own, but I also love when things are simple. My life is busy, just like everyone else. I love this custom stamp because it can be used to make gift tags without having to be on crafty-DIY-overload. Totally doable. I like doable. And, if you want to take it to the next level, I would recommend glittering the berries in the wreath. It would an elegant upgrade!


Bliss Folio: stamps


Another favorite? These Boatman Geller wine tags. They’re so convenient for the holiday party circuit. Not to mention, for those very last minute ones that always pop up. You know you’ll be bringing a bottle of wine to that one! I might even keep them in my car, because I will likely be picking up said bottle on the way. Bliss Folio: wine tags


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