Our Most Popular Picks for Personalized Stationery + Gifts


Personalized stationery and gifts are thoughtful options for the holidays.

Special. Unique. Useful. Maybe even a little extravagant.

All, characteristics of a great gift!


From children to grandparents and in between, we have great options for everyone. Made with love from hand-selected, small design & print shops around the country. For your gift-giving convenience,  we’ve organized some top Bliss Folio items into price categories. We hope you find the perfect item, but if you’re having trouble, please drop us a line so we can help out!



- Haute Papier note pads: the small, skinny, and square pads all fit into this category, ranging from $11 to $16. Have multiple teachers/staff to shop for? This is a great option as they can be purchased a la carte!

- Boatman Geller mouse pads. Put a little prep into your desk.



- Boatman Geller note pad sets: a long time, Bliss Folio favorite, these beautiful notepads come in a set of two!

- Boatman Geller travel cups: coffee tumblers, beverage tumblers, and water bottles, all selling for $24.

- Boatman Geller square stickers: these stickers are great used as “this book belongs to” stickers or simply with your child’s name for a more multipurpose tag.



- Cell phone cases. We LOVE the Boatman Geller tough cases, cute and very functional. Sleekest tough case we’ve seen. Available in a huge array of designs and colors.

- Custom stamps. Great for return addresses or for crafters and cooks.



- Personalized stationery. Lots of options in this category, from Boatman Geller folded notes to Haute Papier flat printed notes or notepad executive combination desk sets.

- Lucite trays. These super stylish trays are great for so many uses. The small version is great on a desk or in a bathroom to gather smaller items. The bigger ones work great for entertaining!



- We love the Haute Papier letterpress notes & enclosures. These sets include lined, colored envelopes. Perfect for the person who loves the finer things.



- The Arturo notes are elegant, traditional, and luxurious. Available in five soft shades, the paper is milled in Italy and printed here in the U.S. Envelopes can be ordered blank, printed, lined, you name it. Pssst. This item has free shipping!



- The Grand Silk Box Set. This set of stationery is beautiful from every angle. 100 letterpress notes (4 sets of 25 – each set can have a different design) with lined envelopes. Completely hand made and housed in a gorgeous silk box. Great gift for a family. And, great as a group gift. A top seller here at Bliss Folio for its enormous value (letterpress pieces usually retail for $5-$7 a piece and this nets out a $3 a piece and includes the gorgeous lined envelopes) + free shipping.


*Bliss Folio is a custom stationery boutique, carrying products from many different designers. Get the most bang for your shipping buck by ordering from within the same brand. Or at least be aware that there may be multiple shipping charges as each brand ships from different locations where they are hand-made. We always try to minimize any and all shipping costs and many of our products ship free of charge. Smile. You’re supporting more than one small business. xoxo.

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