The Holiday Personal Service Process

I’ve written about the Bliss Folio personal service before, but I thought it would be fun to share my process a little more. I have a really lovely client that I get to work with every holiday season and throughout the year for other occasions. Over the years, I have really learned her style. She has graciously allowed me to use her photos and holiday card to help demonstrate my process.


To me, a holiday card is not a total stand alone piece (more on this another day). I like to consider what my clients have done in the past. I want the card to capture my client’s personality but I also want it to feel different than cards from years past. Often we’re drawn to the same type of design, over and over (anyone else guilty of buying the same lipstick shade in 4 different brands? ha!) So, rest assured, I would not lead you to a chevron design 2 years in a row or recommend that you use super similar photos … I love (I mean, love) a kissy, smash-face, cuddle pic of kids and their parents. But, you guessed it. Not 2 years in a row.


This may all be a bit much for everyone. I realize that everyone doesn’t necessarily keep their friends’ holiday cards stacked by year in boxes. Who, I mean, who would do such a thing?!  ;)  Nevertheless, that is part of my process and what you get with my complimentary personal service. I handle each project as it were my own.


While Gen basically gives me creative license, I still always want to be sure she loves what I have in mind for her (and it falls in line with her budget needs), so I help her select her photos and give her a handful of recommendations. She already knows the price range of my cards ($1.50 – $3+), and I like to show her options in each level so she doesn’t feel locked in to spending more than she wants.


Selecting the photos.

This is where I start. Whether I select the photos or they are given to me, they provide a huge part of my inspiration. Client personality also plays a big role, and naturally, this part of the process is fine-tuned over time. The longer I work with clients, the more apt I am to be able to simply pick out their piece. And, it is SO fun and efficient to get to that point. Back the photos … It is no surprise that beautiful Gen has loads of gorgeous photos for me to choose from (Click Chick Images took these). Since we used 3 photos for Gen last year, I was excited to see that she had a really great money shot of her and her little guy. Both smiling perfectly at the camera. But, her little guy is 4. And, funny and spunky. So, I wanted to get that in there too. I recommended featuring the money shot on the front of the card and incorporating a fun, more outtake-ish photo of just Will on the back. And, I think it worked out great. When you’re working with multiple photos of the same individuals, I think it is important to make sure the photos don’t feel repetitive.


personal service I love, love, love the result and know I will love it even more in person. And, in case you are wondering … this adorable piece come from my Dabney Lee line. The other adorable pieces are by Whitney English, Mindy Windy, and Wiley Valentine, and are all available in my shop.

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2013 Holiday Discounts

Some of my most coveted holiday products are on sale for the EARLY birds, and the sale extends from digital products to luxury papers and letterpress. And, of course, we’ll still provide our complimentary holiday personal service.


Boatman Geller + Whitney English: Get 25% off all holiday photocards, including letterpress! Don’t have your photo yet? No problem. Their letterpress cards feature an actual photo print, so you can figure that part out later!


Dabney Lee: This completely customizable line is 20% off! Switch up the color palette, the number of photos featured, you name it. Plus, get FREE shipping too!


Tag & Company: Get 25 free holiday cards when you order a minimum of 75 cards. Simply select 25 fewer than you need for processing purposes, and receive 25 extra. Plus, free shipping for quantities 125 and over.


Wiley Valentine: Get 25 free holiday cards when you order a minimum of 75 cards. Simply select 25 fewer than you need for processing purposes, and receive 25 extra plus FREE shipping. And, the deal includes their luxurious cotton pieces, lined envelopes, printed envelopes, and/or labels. 25 extra of everything in your sweet holiday card package. Shopping early really pays off.


order 75, get 100

order 100, get 125

order 125, get 150

and so on … and so on …


Of course, all for a limited time. Offers are good through October 25. Don’t miss out!

Browse all holiday options here Find out more about our designers here


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Fun Sorority Gifts at Great Prices

We are loving the options available for Greek system gifts right now … seriously, where were these when I was in college?! Custom stamps, beverage tumblers, notepads, koozies, cell phone cases, note cards, and many more.  All of our Boatman Geller products can be customized with Greek initials or a circle Greek monogram, and our 3 Designing Women stamps are available in 4 different Greek designs for any sorority or fraternity.


Bliss Folio Greek Gifts

tumbler / notepad / stationery / cell phone case / kooziestamp 1 / stamp 2 / stamp 3 / stamp 4

View more Boatman Geller gift ideas in gift section of the Bliss Folio store.

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Real Events: Lightning Bolt Party


My son, Pierce, is a lot like Dash from The Incredibles. With a love of all things fast and turning six this year, I wanted to combine his taste for “totally awesome” with my need for simplicity. When I saw this invitation from one of my lines, Pipo Press, I knew it was perfect for my guy. He would think it was awesome and it wouldn’t nail me into an impossible party to plan. And, he did. Find out more about my party planning philosophy here.


This was the easiest party I’ve ever thrown.

June in South Texas is HOT, so we opted for a morning party and decided on donuts instead of cupcakes.


The eats: Donuts, fruit cups, and kolaches

The beverages: chocolate milk, regular milk, water, and coffee (our parties are usually the family party type with siblings included, so I like to plan for our parental peeps too)


Prep: A few serving upgrades, and it instantly felt more pulled together. My most favorite glass bottles & paper straws from my stash. A fun little stand for the donuts from world market, mesh tents also from world market, big glass bottles for the water from ikea. Also used: red table cloths, green napkins, green plastic cups for water, a beverage tub for the bottles of water, a coffee carafe, and to-go coffee cups. It took me about 15 minutes to set it all up, including bringing everything to the pavilion from the car in the pouring down rain. Easy!


Activities: The party was at a splash pad. As a mother of small children, I thought this was a super party idea. You don’t have the same worries as a pool party, but still have the water fun, and you don’t really have to plan anything else. But, just for good measure, we brought side walk chalk too. We also did a piñata as Pierce has been dying to have one. They are a kind of a party standard in South Texas and we thought it was fitting to do one for our last party there. Normally, I’m hesitant because of the junk factor, but he was crazy about the idea, so I tried to include some little things that he would think were cool, but that I thought parents would not dread. What can I say? Looking out for my crew. Always.


What are your favorite piñata favors?? (No, you can’t answer mini bottles of booze ;)).




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How do you plan a birthday party for kids?

In preparation for a birthday party post tomorrow, I wanted to take a minute to share my feelings on birthday party planning for kids.


My (personal) birthday party planning philosophy:

I try to be realistic in my planning … not spending tooooo too much, delivering a party that doesn’t kill me, and that my birthday king or queen will adore. I mean … I want it to feel like I spent a little time on pinterest, but within reason. Not like this one, where I perhaps did spend too much time on pinterest. (But, in my defense, I did save all the decorations!) Is it just me or does it feel like a lot of the pinterest parties don’t feel like real parents could throw them? A dessert table is important, but what else happened at the party? These are real kids we’re talking about. And, I want real information. What worked, what didn’t?


I take joy in the party feeling special with purposeful details, but also real and achievable (I have really fond memories of home-made birthday parties where things were simple and playing pin-the-tail on the donkey was a party standard). I also demand to have fun at the party, which means my photographs are usually an afterthought (not to mention mediocre).


Don’t get me wrong. I love fancy and luxurious. I also love walking the line of fancy, special, and practical. Sometimes my invitations to the party cost as much or as throwing the party … but, as you know … I have a thing for paper. wink.


What is your party planning philosophy? How do you like to plan?

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Boatman Geller Clipboard Contest Winner!

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!


We drew our winner for the free, personalized Boatman Geller clipboard this morning. Mary Pat W., you are in for a treat. These clipboards really are adorable. We can’t wait to see what you decide to go with for your design … will you commit to the espadrille preppy, or will you decide on something else? Will you keep for yourself, or will you give as a gift?! Decisions, decisions!


If you missed out on winning, make sure you “like” us on facebook to find out about our next contest!

Thanks again for participating!

xoxo, Beth

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Winning is in the Air … Back to School Contest!


Many of us are getting into new routines as our kids started school over the past month or so.

We think it is time to celebrate with a Back-to-School giveaway!


Have you checked out the adorable Boatman Geller clipboards yet?

They were just released this summer and when I received mine in person, I was impressed!  The double-sided designed pieces are not only really nice, but also super useful and versatile.


My clients are ordering for a variety of uses, but the top ones are: kids (great for homework, projects on the go, and road trips), teacher gifts, and medical offices. And, they are available in the custom collection which means you can change up the color scheme on many of the pieces! Sweet.


How the contest works.

Browse through our Boatman Geller clipboard designs and enter the contest by commenting on our blog below.

*Be sure to filter the link above to “clipboards” on the right side of the screen


Comment Options:

1. Comment on this post with your favorite clipboard design (1 entry).

2. Comment with your favorite design, and like Bliss Folio and Boatman Geller on facebook (2 entries).

3. Comment with your favorite design, like us on facebook, and share the contest (3 entries).

Include the link of how you shared this blog post with a pinterest, facebook, or twitter link.

*For pinterest, simply pin your favorite clipboard and then post the link here on the blog.


Dates: Contest will run for 1 week. From 9/18/13 – 9/25/13


Locations: Contest is valid for U.S. residents only. (My apologies international fans, it is just a shipping thing.)


How the winner will be chosen: The winner will be chosen at random on 9/26/13.


Restrictions: Once the winner is selected, we will contact you via email (the one you use to comment on the blog) and make an announcement via the blog. You will have one week to respond back to claim your beautiful clipboard. During that time, you will have the opportunity to finalize your selection (and decide whether you will be keeping it for yourself or giving it as a gift!). If the winner does not respond back within a week, we will select another winner and follow the same procedure.


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Holiday Discounts – round two

It is only September 17th, and I am happy to bring you a second way to save for the holidays! For the next month and a half, Boatman Geller holiday photocards will be 25% off. What is super exciting, is this discount will also be applied to their letterpress pieces. Yes!!! 25% off Boatman Geller letterpress and digital holiday photocards.


So put your holiday hat on for a minute and take advantage of these deals.

Need help deciding on a photo or a card style? Don’t forget our complimentary holiday personal service.

& Check out how letterpress can work for you holiday photo procrastinators!

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Letterpress Holiday Greetings – a great solution for procrastinators

We know the beauty of hand-pressed holiday greetings. Who doesn’t love receiving correspondence with gorgeous texture on fine paper? Letterpress is the ultimate in luxury and completely on-trend right now. But, you know what is also beautiful about it? You can order your holiday cards before you know what photo you’re going to use. Since photos are not letterpressed, you typically use an actual print on your card … and, we all know we can get prints made in a matter of hours if necessary. Hello, my fellow holiday procrastinators … let us rejoice!!


Get a gorgeous card, take advantage of some early bird specials, and be less worried about when your photos will be ready so you can order your cards. And, people will think you have your *stuff* more together than you may.

Now, that is value.


And, it is great fit for professional photos too …

for both your photographer’s timeline and featuring their work in high resolution!



1 / 2 / 3

If you are interested in a letterpress piece for the holidays, feel free to browse around in the shop, but don’t forget to contact us as we can help lead you in the right direction for your needs. Many letterpress pieces are fully customizable, so all the design options are not shown. *Wiley Valentine, Dauphine Press, and Boatman Geller (pictured above, in that order) all have beautiful options with very unique design aesthetics.*

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Boatman Geller Holiday Photocards 50% Off!

Stores are making room for their tinsel, lights, and Christmas decor. Yes, it is August. Annoying? Maybe. But completely overshadowed by a major upside. Big Discounts. Big.


For the first time ever we’re running a Boatman Geller early-early bird special. 50% off holiday photocards! It is kind of like the Nordstrom anniversary sale. Prices will go back up after 9/16/13. The photocards need to be sent into production by that date, so I will actually be cutting off orders a few days earlier to allow appropriate time for proofing.


Here are a few of my favorite designs from their new collection. You can view the entire Boatman Geller photocard line in the shop. (Go to the holiday section and refine the display to Boatman Geller.) And, as always, we are offering our complimentary personal service. (I’ve also written about it here.) So, talk to your photographer, send us your pics and check holiday cards off your list. Early. Really early.



Backside printing is available on any of these products. Great for an extra photo or a family letter.

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