New Spring 2014 Boatman Geller Designs

Spring is in the air. For me, it means cleaning my house and closets, as well as revamping my wardrobe and freshening up my look. I love the brightness of spring. After this long winter, I know a lot of us really welcoming it (or maybe pretending it has arrived for some of you)!


In paperie land, spring means new designs releases! Yippee!! I will be heading to New York for the National Stationery Show where I get to catch up with my many wonderful vendors and check out what I want to add to Bliss Folio for the coming year. It is the best time of year and in addition to finding great new products,  I adore being around all that creative energy and seeing what new techniques and materials are being used.


One of my favorite lines to work with is Boatman Geller. They have beautiful everyday pieces that are suitable for many different people in the family. Women, Men, kiddos, and family pieces. I just received some of their new designs the other day and there are so many to love. Here are a few of my personal favorites! Bliss Folio: BG Hello Gorgeous







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2 Responses to New Spring 2014 Boatman Geller Designs

  1. Jane says:

    Beth, thank you for posting this! Made my day :)

    • beth says:

      Of course, Jane! As always … beautiful, fun work. I will have a hard time figuring out what to order for myself! ;) Can’t wait to see you all in a few weeks!

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