How do you plan a birthday party for kids?

In preparation for a birthday party post tomorrow, I wanted to take a minute to share my feelings on birthday party planning for kids.


My (personal) birthday party planning philosophy:

I try to be realistic in my planning … not spending tooooo too much, delivering a party that doesn’t kill me, and that my birthday king or queen will adore. I mean … I want it to feel like I spent a little time on pinterest, but within reason. Not like this one, where I perhaps did spend too much time on pinterest. (But, in my defense, I did save all the decorations!) Is it just me or does it feel like a lot of the pinterest parties don’t feel like real parents could throw them? A dessert table is important, but what else happened at the party? These are real kids we’re talking about. And, I want real information. What worked, what didn’t?


I take joy in the party feeling special with purposeful details, but also real and achievable (I have really fond memories of home-made birthday parties where things were simple and playing pin-the-tail on the donkey was a party standard). I also demand to have fun at the party, which means my photographs are usually an afterthought (not to mention mediocre).


Don’t get me wrong. I love fancy and luxurious. I also love walking the line of fancy, special, and practical. Sometimes my invitations to the party cost as much or as throwing the party … but, as you know … I have a thing for paper. wink.


What is your party planning philosophy? How do you like to plan?

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